Regolamento EN

1) BOOKING: Any boat may be rented on the official website up to 24 hours in advance of the pick-up date. Upon confirmation of booking, the selected boat(s) is reserved for the specific date.
a) Between June 15 and August 31, please phone +39 333 3248555 or +39 377 3022139 24 hours before your pick-up time to confirm any online reservation.
b) Reservations may be canceled up to 24 hours prior to 8.00 am on the requested date. Lessees shall receive a total refund of the payment made at the time of booking on a reference IBAN of their choice, to be emailed to [email protected].
c) Reservation cancelled between 24 and 12 hours prior to 8.00 am on the requested date (between 8.00 am and 8 pm on the previous day) shall see a 50% refund of the reservation cost. Cancellations any later than 8.00 pm of the previous day, however, are not eligible for any refund.
d) Should the weather conditions be prohibitive, lessees may cancel their reservation(s) by 8.00 am on the day before the pick-up date or change their reservation date between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm on the previous day by calling the phone numbers +39 333 3248555, +39 377 3022139 or by mailing [email protected]. The new reservation remains pending until positive confirmation.
e) The following information is required for any reservation: Surname, name, date and place of birth, tax code, e-mail address and personal telephone number of the person making the reservation, Nautical License (only for boats with engines over 40 Hp of power).
f) Lessees making a reservation within 24 hours of the requested date are required to call +39 333 3248555 or +39 377 3022139

Reservations made through the official website include immediate payment made by Paypal or bank transfer. A security deposit may be required at the time of boarding, to be paid either in cash or by card, as required by the laws that regulate eventual accidents, reports, or damage caused. Said deposit will be returned upon delivery of the rental boat once everything is assessed to be in order.

The lessee accepts under their own responsibility the total or partial loss of the money paid at the time of booking, should they fail to abide by what is stated with reference to paragraphs b) c) and d) of point 1 of this regulation. The lessee also declares to be fully aware that, in the event of false declarations, they will be punishable by law for what has been falsely declared; that they have provided the Lessor with real data for his personal identification and that the documents provided are valid.

4) TIMES OF DELIVERY AND RETURN OF THE BOAT: The lessor will deliver any boat on the requested date, as per online booking. The lease begins with the delivery of the vessel to the lessee and ends on the day and at the time of the return of the vessel itself at lessor.

5) STATE OF THE BOAT: Every boat is delivered in perfect maintenance conditions, fully functional in all its parts, and provisioned with all the documents required by law for navigation in Italian territorial waters within three (3) miles off the coast, and with insurance policies in course of validity. The lessee is required to keep the vessel and the aforementioned documentation entrusted to him with all diligence and correctness. The lessee undertakes to return the vessel in the same condition in which it was delivered to them at the start of the lease.

6) USE OF THE BOAT: The lessee undertakes to never:
host more people on the boat than officially allowed;
sub-lease the rented boat;
carry paying third-party passengers or goods, or engage in any type of trade;
take part in nautical races or competitions of any kind on the leased boat;
ask to be towed or tow other vessels outside of an absolute emergency;
bring aboard or keep large quantities of alcohol or drugs on board, not even for personal use;
leave any port or safe anchorage when the competent authorities prohibit navigation or, overall, when the weather and sea conditions, the state of the leased boat and/or of the people on board are such as to compromise the safety of people and / or the vessel itself;
sail the boat into ports or stretches of sea that are dangerous or where navigation is prohibited by the regulations of the local marine park;

7) CIVIL LIABILITY: The lessee is fully responsible for any damage suffered by the vessel during the lease. In the event that the lessee should cause the stop or seizure of the vessel by the competent authorities, the lessee shall pay, on top of any sanction imposed and any further damage, an amount equal to the daily rental cost multiplied by the days of the seizure. This as per criminal law ex. Article 1382 of the Italian Civil Code. If due to the guilty behavior of the lessee the vessel should be subjected to confiscation, the lessee will have to reimburse the lessor, possibly in addition to what was previously provided, the entire price of the unit indicated, by express agreement between the parties, in € 5,000 (five thousand) for vessels up to 4.50 meters, € 10,000 (ten thousand) up to 5.70 meters, € 20,000 (twenty thousand) for vessels up to 6.5 meters, € 25,000 (twenty five thousand) for vessels up to at 7.5 meters and € 30,000 (thirty thousand) for vessels over 7.5 meters.

8) INSURANCE COVERAGE: All Vessels are covered by the following insurance policy: Civil Liability in accordance with the law 24 December 1969, n. 990 and subsequent amendments and additions. This guarantees, within the aforementioned agreed limits, the sums that, for capital, interest and expenses, are due as compensation for damages involuntarily caused to third parties by the navigation of the leased vessels.

9) REFERENCE LAWS AND JURISDICTION: The parties undertake to comply with the Italian legislation in effect on the subject for anything not explicitly specified in these rules. The Court of GENOA will preside over any dispute that may arise regarding the interpretation of this regulation. For anything not contemplated and provided for in this contract, the rules of the Civil Code will apply.

10) PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA: Anmar will process and store all personal data essential to existing relationships and contracts, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy law art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003. In compliance with the rights of the lessee / renter and the duties of the lessor to protect the data, no data will be transferred to third parties and the lessee may request to correct, update or delete any and all of their personal data by emailing [email protected] These data may also be used to forward any subsequent communications.

The lessee / renter acknowledges what stated above and, by placing the sign in the APPROVE box, accepts all the General Conditions of this regulation by AN.MAR di Angiolini Clemente and moreover what is regulated by the current civil code, committing to fully respect the contents of both.